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Trish Gross
Teacup poodle,tiny teacup
poodle,micro teacup poodle,
china teacup poodle tiny toy
poodle puppies, their are many
different names people use. We
have velvet touch kennels,
cindys, little rebels in our stock
with them being teacup lines
Jerilynn McRae
Trish 208-253-6907 (home)
Jerilynn 208-431-2438
Mountain time
Email address
Akc teacup poodle breeders located in Idaho.
Specializing in teacup and tiny toy poodles in a
rainbow of colors!
Browns, Partis, Black, Tuxedo and Silver.
We raise AKC registered poodle puppies in a variety of size and colors. Although teacup, and tiny toys are our specialty,
we do have some toy and standard poodle puppies as well. We strive to raise healthy pet quality poodles. Our goal is to
aim for short snouts, short legs, a square body, and even temperaments. We raise our poodles in our home with a fenced
yard and doggy door, which ensures that they have access to the fresh outdoors throughout the day. At night after a
long playful day and lots of TLC,they are eager to retire to their bed for a good night sleep.
Their are many names people use to identify teacup poodles. Here are a few: tiny teacup, micro poodle
puppy it should be under 8" tall and weigh no more then 4 lbs when full grown. We have the Little
Rebels teacup lines,Cindy's teacup lines,and of course teacup lines that come from Janet Bordelon of
Velvet Touch Kennels.
www.teacuppoodles.com She is another well known breeder for size reduction in
these little teacups. Marble Parti from Velvet Touch Kennels is our Abby's sire. Abby throws adorable
tiny teacups with that baby doll face and big round button eyes. Tinkerbell our tiny teacup girl is
Abby's (velvet touch kennels) daughter, and Chesny our chocolate and white parti teacup boy is also out
of Abby. We held Chesney back for breeding, and he is a adorable little teacup. Chesny our chocolate and
white parti teacup boy is also has a out going personalty and loves children.
We get a variety of colors with our teacup, micro teacup, tiny toy, toy and of course our standard poodle moms. Here are
a few of the colors we get with our lines: cream, white, silver, black, red, apricot, blue, silver/beige, and chocolate. Our
Parti colors are chocolate/white Parti poodle puppies, Back/white, silver/white Parti's. We also have sable, brindles and
some Phantoms! Our poodle puppies are raised in our home and well socialized
Meet Trinket!
Trinket has a fan club. It seems almost everyone
wants a Trinket puppy. She is a beautiful tuxedo
with tiny features! Trinket has a very adorable
baby doll face and has thrown tiny teacups that
are to die for! Absolutely adorable!
This doll lives with Trish!
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Meet Chisel!
Chisel is our brown teacup male with
another adorable small baby doll face!
Chisel lives with Trish.
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Below is some of our mascot baby dolls!
We have carried on thier lines.
Trish and Jerilynn are partners that compliment each other nicely in certain
areas. Trish does most of the grooming and does a beautiful job. She is also
the pedigree guru! Trish lives in Council, Idaho which is about 3 hours from
Boise and Jerilynn in Nampa, Idaho. We each have different breeding pairs
that live with each of us in our home. Occasionally our males go back and
fourth for breeding purposes. We enjoy what we do, and all of our dogs are very
Micro teacup
Micro teacup
Micro teacup
Tiny teacup
Adult teacup
silver parti
black tuxedo
brown and white
Parti and phantom
Meet Jetta Baby Doll Face!
Jetta is retired living with Trish. We have kept Chisel out of
her to continue on with these adorable traits!
Meet Tumbleweed!
Trinkets micro teacup who is
a little doll. He is now retired.
Meet our mascot TinkerBell and her mommy Abby!
Trinket started off at Jerilynn's home and then soon went
to live with her other mommy Trish. She is a tiny teacup.
We do not use her for breeding. Abigail is her mother and
has velvet touch kennel in her pedigree.
Meet Chesney!
He has thrown babydoll face teacups and
tiny teacups! He is a second generation
L.T.P poodle sire!
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Meet Remy!
He is a 3rd generation LTP. He is the
son of Chisel and Jayden. He lives
with Jerilynn.
Check our sister site out if it is something a little
bigger you are looking for! Ken McRae (Jerilynns)
husband has a few standards he hunts with.
Beautiful brown boy